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Seminole VFW Post 9272 started in 1947 by veterans that wanted to make a difference.  A few years after World War II, veterans returning home wanted a place to meet with other veterans for the comradery that they had while serving in the military.  The required membership of 22 members requested a charter from the National Veterans of Foreign Wars membership as a Post.  On March 28th, 2947 the charter was granted and the town of Seminole Florida received the designation of Post 9272.  Henry Jackson was the first Post Commander for Seminole VFW Post 9247.


VFW Post Charter: March 28, 1947

Charter Members

William Butler
Rudolph Giretter
Milledge F. Higgins
John C. Hunzeker
Charles O. Hutchinson
Henry L. Jackson
Robert B. Jackson
J. B. Lane
Frederick A. Lipton
Philip M. Lyons
Mortimer M. Passmore


Edward J. Smith
Tuttle F. Smith
Gordon L. Thompson
Steve R. Thompson
Earl H. Tyler
William P. Lauglian
Reasen E. Whittle
Gerald L. Whittle
Jeter E. Whittle
Walter R. Whittle
Lissie L. Griffis, Jr.




      1947 Henry Jackson
      1948 C.J. Tevenet, Jr.
      1949 Otto A. McMullen
      1950 Joseph E. O'Brien
      1951 Bruce Davis
      1952 C. Eloshway, Jr.
      1953 John F. Murphy
      1954 Robert T. Nuckols
      1955 J. F. Hutchinson
      1956 Jeter E. Whittle
      1957 Kenneth Risher
      1958 Kenneth Risher
      1959 Frank J. Kempe
      1960 John J. Waldorf
      1961 Dennis B. Desmond
      1962 Pierce McMullen
      1963 J. E. Whittle
      1964 John W. Murphy
      1965 Raymond T. Kern
      1966 Raymond T. Kern
      1967 William J. Blair
      1968 William J. Blair
      1969 W. E. Coleman
      1970 James E. Maher
      1971 James E. Maher
      1972 J. E. Whittle
      1973 Fred R. Marik
      1974 James E. Maher
      1975 David Henningsen
      1976 Gerald Baker
      1977 John B. Lascody
      1978 James E. Maher
      1979 James E. Maher
      1980 James E. Maher
      1981 Jack Barton
      1982 Jack Barton
      1983 Edmond Holland
      1984 Wes Baumberger
      1985 Steve D. Wolf
      1986 R. Benscoter
      1987 John Mingo
      1988 John Mingo
      1989 R. Benscoter
      1990 Johnny Miller
      1991 Jack Pritchard


      1992 James Donlan
      1993 Denneth Thie
      1994 John Mingo
      1995 Michael Minihan
      1996 Michael Minihan
      1997 K.A. Smokey Sullivan
      1998 Dave J. Kepalas
      1999 John R. Mingo
      2000 John R. Mingo
      2001 Smokey Sullivan
      2002 Smokey Sullivan
      2003 John S. Barber Jr.
      2004 Smokey Sullivan
      2005 John R. Mingo
      2006 Smokey Sullivan
      2007 Doug Reep
      2008 Richard Dubois
      2009 Walter "Skip" Sumrall
      2010 Walter "Skip" Sumrall
      2013 Doug Reep
      2014 Doug Reep


* designates All-State / # designates All-American / ! designates National Community Service Award Winner