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VFW Auxiliary

Welcome and thank you for visiting our web site for VFW Auxiliary for Post 9272 to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9272.

Our site provides links to other important sites on the Links page of the site, these are verified monthly (please notify the President of the Auxiliary if you have a new site to add or if a link no longer works to be added or corrected) and also the National Organization web sites.  Please take some time to visit and view what is available to you online via our web site.

The National Organization has started going "Green" and you will be receiving less information via mail.  Please take some time to visit the National Organization's website using our link to see all the information that is now available to you online.  Therefore, it is important that each Auxiliary has someone with access to a computer and the internet so important information that can be obtained with just a click of a mouse.

VFW Auxiliary Post 9272 is here to serve our Veterans, Community, and Youth through our various programs.  In order to better serve them, we need to keep our membership alive.  If you are a member, thank you!  If you are not a member and would like information about our organization and becoming a member of the VFW Auxiliary to the VFW, please contact your local VFW Post and its VFW Auxiliary or you may contact Department Headquarters directly.

Let us always remember those Soldiers currently serving, our Veterans, the families that were left behind, and the Flag of our Nation.

We should be proud of the service that our Veterans have done for us, proud of what our Soldiers are fighting for, proudly stand, salute and give honor to the red, white and blue when she passes by.

We should give thanks to our Comrades for the many freedoms we enjoy each day that so many take for granted, thanks for their service and sacrifice.  Give thanks for the courage of our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines while they keep us safe.  Give thanks to the families of our Heroes for their sacrifice was great and give thanks to the many that fought for and defended the flag of our nation.

Please contact the VFW Auxiliary with any comments, concerns, or questions or if you are in need of assistance.

      1951 Helen Dening
      1952 Esther Balvick
      1953 Esther Balvick
      1954 Dorris Davis
      1955 Dorris Davis
      1956 Dot Pace
      1957 Ruth Murphy
      1958 Ruth Murphy
      1959 Helen Beaumont
      1960 Lillian Garrison
      1961 Eva Watson
      1962 Charlotte Thayer
      1963 Anna Nielson
      1964 Gladys Morris
      1965 Cleo Fields
      1966 Marge O'Bannion
      1967 Marge O'Bannion
      1968 Mabel Miller
      1969 Mardale Blair
      1970 Mardale Blair
      1971 Dorris Dangler
      1972 Gracie Urton
      1973 Oleta Bridgeman
      1974 Iris Chambers
      1975 Millie Hennington
      1976 Bertram Sickels
      1977 Georgeen Glatt
      1978 Nancy Bailey
      1979 Nancy Bailey
      1980 Donna Barton
      1981 Donna Barton
      1982 Marge Malesky
      1983 Evelyn Cooper
      1984 Catherine Russo
      1985 Catherine Russo
      1986 Ellie Henry
      1987 Iva Dietz
      1988 Marian Kinsey
      1989 Betty Buchowiski
      1990 Betty Buchowiski
      1991 Pauline Grandon


      1992 Donna Sheehan
      1993 Irene Van Theemische
      1994 Jelene Mingo
      1995 Dorothy Sullivan
      1996 Dorothy Sullivan
      1997 Lucille Stout
      1998 Deborah Thie
      1999 Cathrine Russo
      2000 Dorothy Sullivan
      2001 Carolyn Hendrickson
      2002 Dorothy Sullivan
      2003 Carolyn Lavery
      2004 Debora Thie
      2005 Dorothy Sullivan
      2006 Debora Thie
      2007 Sharon Gold
      2008 Cheryl Plumridge
      2009 Cheryl Plumridge
      2010 Lucille Stout